Caloosahatchee Moose Lodge 2395

419 East Cape Coral Pkwy.

Cape Coral, Florida 33904



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  Lodge Meeting Dates

Caloosahatchee Moose Legion
meetings are held Tuesday
February 10th & 24th
March 10th & 24th
at 7:00 P.M.



Governor's Message

Season is here and we have a lot of great things happening at the Moose.  Renovations have begun and it is coming along nicely.  We still have some hurdles that we are dealing with as most projects do, but the feedback so far has been tremendous.

The dividing wall was removed and has opened the whole lodge up into a spacious, open floor5.png plan.  A canvas will be installed for meetings and other events that call for it.  The new smoke eaters and air purifier have arrived and will be installed when we get the green light.  Other upgrades that have happened include the whole dining room being tiled with 24x24 inch tile and the bathrooms have been completely re-done.

There has been a lot of help from many members during the last two months.  This includes Chris Gell & Gloria Bennett, Glenn & Julie Spinney, Mark Sheehan, Carl Crews, Dan Ridge, and many others that if I missed I apologize. This help ranges from everyday things to the cleaning of the current smoke eaters, tiling of floors,  painting,  kitchen help, etc.  With the help of our volunteers as we continue to grow we look forward to having bigger and better functions for the members to enjoy. We have a lot of great events coming up so please look through this newsletter for more details or check out our website at Other updates can also be found posted in the Moose or at

Fraternally Yours,
Governor Jeff Holmes





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